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Jokas, this new anime season is strong already off of Alnoah Zero 2nd Season.  I was a fool and thought the story was over after the final episode of the inaugural season, but was thankfully totally incorrect.


Tokyo Ghoul Root A is another 2nd season anime whose 1st episode was interesting and surprising.  I'm reading some of the TG manga, but I've obviously missed what this 1st 2nd season episode has shown.  The best human friend of our protagonist in this series is very intelligent and seems to have more to add to the story than initially hypothesized.  The choices we see in this 1st episode are unexpected.


Now there's also some fluff anime in the new line-up I've watched already, and these aren't as good as AlnoahZ2 or TGR: Unlimited Fafnir, Seiken Tsukai no World Break.


Fafner's come back with a new season, I never finished watching the 1st series so I have some catching up to do.


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