djThis site is owned by Shebes Shabeshabes. will contain my pasttimes and other items of interest. This will be the site for my mad scientist expressions and rantings.

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Hey, check out your nen type at SelectSmart NEN Selector.

I took these junks on June 24, 2014. 

Tokushitsu = Specialization

Sousa = Manipulator

Henka = Transmuter

Kyouka = Strengthener

Gugenka = Embodiment/Materialization

Houshutsu = Emit

Jokas, let me tell you right now.  I have an all-time favorite manga/anime named "Hunter x Hunter".  You can find the story synopsis here.  One of the main reasons I love the story is due to the personality dispositions of all of the characters of the show and how each is explained.  Another strong reason I sublimely enjoy the story is because of the explanation of superhuman abilities, and how maximizing your innate potentials is encouraged before learning to use this hidden life-form potential.  Superhuman ability is described by the concept of the utilization NEN (mind force), which is just about analogous to CHI (the term for universal energy).

The breakdown of the NEN categories will be forthcoming.

Nen Chart with Materilization as main category


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