Nazr Evil Eye Bracelet 100%

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  • SKU: B08NY3KV1G
Nazr Evil Eye Bracelet 100% - B08NY3KV1G

  • EVIL EYE/NAZR: When someone looks at you with jealously or ill will, they give you the “Nazr” or “Evil Eye.” Sometimes it’s on purpose, other time on accident. Great misfortune can happen upon the receiver of the Evil Eye if not protected with an Evil Eye Amulet.

  • 7 KNOTS: The 7 Knots provide additional protection when coupled with the Evil Eye Amulet as they represent the 7 Dimensions/Directions from which one can encounter evil

  • PERFECT GIFT: Flaunt your love while protecting it. Bestow positivity and protection upon your loved ones, friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, bosses, and anyone else you happen upon. It’s an excellent way to let them know they are loved and cared for. FOR YOURSELF: Of course, we also recommend you protect yourself with an evil eye.. or seven. One can never be too prepared. Oh and One size fits all with a maximum of 10” so don’t worry, it will fit!!

  • Each of these bracelets are hand made by local craftswomen/men; therefore, each of them are unique and special. So if they ever break, we will replace them without charging you anything.

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